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Eastern Market Party Cycle Tours

This unique, bright, & exciting part of town is waiting for your party

Our Eastern Market Tour is a bright and exciting tour where you’ll pedal the streets that are filled with commerce. You’ll see the sheds, the warehouses, the fruit markets, the cheese and wine shops as well as the restaurants. It’s a unique part of our city. While doing so, you’ll uncover numerous murals and graffiti art that sprinkle the landscape. Stop for a picture with your group in front of one of the murals.  In addition, we’ll stop in a pub such as Thomas Magees Sporting House or you may want to visit the market or one of the shops nearby to pick up anything from breads, cheeses, nuts or popcorn.  On the way to or from Eastern Market, we may also swing you through Greektown to experience another lively part of the city or ride you by the home of the Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park.  A detour through  Brush Park is another possibility, where century-old Victorian homes stand next to a wave of new construction and offers a vision of both Detroit’s past and future.The possibilities are endless for those looking to see something different than the usual sights and sounds of the city.

If the Eastern Market doesn’t sound like your style, check out our other Pedal Bar Tours in Detroit to find the perfect area of the city for your next ride!

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