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Corktown Rolling Bar Tours

Pedal & party your way through Corktown, a Detroit hot spot.

In Corktown, you’ll visit the part of town where everyone knows your name. As comfortable as your old pair of sneakers, Corktown gets its name because so many Irish settlers filled this area back in the day. For nearly 100 years, it served as the home to the Detroit Tigers at the iconic corner of Michigan and Trumbull. Corktown now is a Detroit hot spot, a mix of traditional bars and restaurants and new retail, condos, restaurants and bars. Pabst Blue Ribbon or local craft brew? Looking to pour them back in a place filled with old-school history or new-found hipness, Corktown is for you. Sometimes, that place is one in the same too. Want to grab a cool picture? We’ll pedal up to the Michigan Central Train Station and get a great shot with your group in front of it.

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