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Birthday Parties

No matter which birthday you’re celebrating, we’ve got you covered on The Michigan Pedaler.
It’s your day and it’s all about you, after all!

We’ve done birthday parties for all ages and for all interests – whether you want to eat, drink, dance, sing, take pictures, or sightsee.

Let’s walk through some options and some other ways to make your day fun.

Our rides start and end at McShane’s Irish Pub. Before you take off for your birthday ride, you can gather your friends indoors at two different seating areas or head outside to their Tiki Bar and enjoy a cold frozen cocktail. Full lunch or dinner menus are available.

If you want to plan a special meal, McShane’s is capable of setting up either a buffet for a large group or a pre-fixed menu where all items are priced the same and there are 3-5 menu options. Contact McShane’s and talk to Bob. He’ll walk you through the options so the kickoff to your celebration starts in style.

First off, we’ve got to stop to get your first birthday drink! Some of places to stop for a drink are L.J’s, Bookies, Detroit Shipping Company, PJ’s Lager House, and Old Shillelagh. However, we could stop wherever you’d like!

Next, we’ll cruise around the city for a bit playing your birthday playlist. Our bikes have a Bluetooth compatible speaker system on them, be sure you’ve got your singing and dancing material ready to go.

Your birthday is a big day, so we’ve got to document it! We’ll get a group picture at some of our favorite spots, like the Tiger at Comerica Park or The Spirit of Detroit. There are other great spots too, like the Stevie Wonder Mural or the alley at The Belt.

On your day, you choose where you want to go. Most groups head into downtown. Others choose to venture into Midtown. Some choose to stay in Corktown. Each location is a different experience, but all of them result in a memorable and fun time.

Our typical birthday ride is like any of our typical rides in general. Pedal. Stop at a bar. Pedal. Stop for a picture. Pedal. Stop at a bar. And before you know it, using this sequence (or a similar one), two hours have come and gone.

So, while most people enjoy a pedaling birthday with a two or three bar stops, you can choose to create a ride that is completely different. And yes, it is certainly possible to do an alcohol free or bar-stop free ride too.

In fact, each summer, we hold multiple birthday parties on our bikes for teens or tweens. Those rides may include a stop for ice cream at a place like Treat Dreams in Midtown, Cold Stone Creamery in Greektown, Detroit Water Ice Factory in downtown, or -320 Coffee and Creamery at the Detroit Shipping Company. We can stop in a park, take a few photos, and ride through downtown to see the tall buildings up close, to create a very memorable birthday party – unlike the kids have experienced before.

For all ages though, we’ve got to get you whatever treat you want for your birthday. Whether that’s a coney dog from Lafayette or American, some a dessert from Astoria, or anything else you’re craving (see the list above), we’ll be sure to find that place that makes your birthday extra special if you are not looking to bar hop.

Looking to add to your day? There are tons of things you could do before and after your time on The Michigan Pedaler.

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Happy Birthday! We’ll make your day one filled with fun stops, memorable photos with friends and family celebrating… and a lot of fun on The Michigan Pedaler.

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