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A Guide to Your Day on The Michigan Pedaler

Detroit’s list of things to do seems to be growing by the minute. New activities and experiences pop up left and right, while some classics get missed in the excitement. That’s why we wanted to offer your official Detroit Checklist – the must do’s while taking a ride on The Michigan Pedaler. Although we can’t hit them all during a ride on our bike, this will be a great reference for your next ride or for your next outing in the city.

Arriving in Detroit

All rides on The Michigan Pedaler start and end at McShane’s Irish Pub, located at the iconic corner of Michigan Avenue and Trumbull. You can park in the lot where we start our rides. It is located kitty corner from the bar, on the property of Eaton Springs (this is what you’d want to type into your GPS). You’ll meet us in this lot when it’s time for your ride as well.

There is additional street parking located on Trumbull or behind McShane’s, north of Michigan Avenue. This is free. You can also park on Michigan Avenue by using the Park Detroit app. Finally, there are some self-serve lots located west of the Corner Ballpark. You pay via your phone to park in these.

Before you take off for your ride, you can gather your friends at McShane’s at two different indoor seating areas or outside at their Tiki Bar and enjoy a cold frozen cocktail. Full lunch or dinner menus are available.

If you want to plan a special meal, McShane’s can set up either a buffet for a large group or a pre-fixed menu where all items are priced the same and there are 3-5 menu options. Contact McShane’s and talk to Bob. He’ll walk you through the options so the kickoff to your fun on the bike starts in style.

Your Ride on The Michigan Pedaler

When you book The Michigan Pedaler, the bike becomes yours for two hours. You’ll have a driver with you, but we can go wherever you’d like to go and do whatever you’d like to do during that time in Downtown, Corktown, Midtown, or some sort of combination. If you’re unsure about which area sounds best for your group, have a look at the information below.


What will I see?

Downtown is home to some of Detroit’s best landmarks and most popular focal points. The following are some of the things you’ll see during your ride downtown:

What bars will I visit?

You’ll be able to find whatever vibe you’re looking for between all the Downtown bars – whether its running in for a quick beer or looking for a more sophisticated cocktail. If you’re unsure, talk to our drivers about which bar will help best fit the experience you’re looking for.

Where can I stop for a group picture?

Most groups like to stop for at least one posed picture. Although we can do this anywhere, there are some favorite spots in the city:

  • The Spirit of Detroit is not only one of the most iconic landmarks in Detroit, but it is also in close proximity to other must-sees of Detroit, like the Joe Louis Fist, the Detroit River, and the Renaissance Center. It is for this reason that this makes for a great stop not only for a picture, but to take a few minutes and walk around to sight see.

  • Comerica Park is home to the Detroit Tigers, so naturally, there is a huge roaring tiger right at the front entrance. With the backdrop of the gates to the stadium, this makes for a great picture that undoubtedly tells anybody who sees it that you were in the heart of Detroit.

  • The Stevie Wonder Mural on the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts is a great spot for a picture. This mural is 100 feet tall and an extremely vibrant picture that brightens up the city.

Family friendly & non-alcoholic activities:

The Michigan Pedaler welcomes people of all ages on our bikes. In the past, we’ve had guests aged as low as 10 and as high as 97, so there’s no age that we can’t accommodate! Even aside from being below the legal drinking age, some groups just don’t want to drink – and that is perfectly ok. Here are some of our favorite family friendly activities to do while on The Michigan Pedaler:

  • Help settle the debate - American Coney Island or Lafayette Coney Island? These iconic restaurants are a staple of Detroit and are a must eat if you’re visiting the city. We can stop by and let you choose which one is best - or try both!

  • Appreciators of architecture like to stop in the Penobscot Building or the Guardian Building to have a look at the stunning archways in the lobbies along with the detail in the painted ceilings.

  • We often stop to get some ice cream and there are many places to do so. Some examples are Cold Stone, Milk and Froth Ice Cream, and Huddle Soft Serve. Astoria Bakery offers ice cream among other treats like cookies, cakes, and cannoli. Detroit Water Ice Factory serves very finely shaved flavored ice, which is a delicious choice, especially if dairy is not an option.


What will I see? Family friendly & non-alcoholic activities:

In Corktown, you get more of a small city, neighborhood type feel. Michigan Avenue is a very popular stretch, but there are other hidden gems as well!

  • Corktown is home to one of Detroit’s premier landmarks – The Michigan Central Station. Currently being repurposed to Detroit’s Mobility Innovation District, the Train Station will soon be home to Ford’s self-driving cars headquarters with retail and restaurants at the main level.

  • Michigan Avenue is not only home to many bars and restaurants but is also a historic road. You can see its history at the surface, as the road is still constructed with pavers and rails for the old trolley are visible.

  • Michigan Avenue and Trumbull is an iconic intersection in the city. The old home of Briggs/Tiger Stadium is now home to The Corner Ballpark, where baseball is played all season long from Little League to college ball, with all the same dimensions as the original park… and the iconic flag pole in centerfield. Housing and retail make up the outside of this cool pocket of the city.

  • Some popular restaurants that you’ll see are Slows, Ima, Ottava Via, Mercury Bar, Grandma Bob’s, and Michigan and Trumbull Pizza. All of these are walking distance from where we start and end our rides, so they’re great options for a bite to eat if you’re looking for something different.

  • Momento Gelato Café is a brand-new spot in Corktown to get a treat – located a couple doors down from McShane’s!

  • Also new to the neighborhood is Detroit Axe – Corktown, home to Detroit’s axe throwing scene.

  • For family rides in Corktown, we recommend a ride to the Train Station, a stop for Gelato and then augmenting Corktown with a swing into the heart of downtown Detroit.

What bars will I visit?

Corktown is known as Detroit’s Oldest Neighborhood, which means it has a sizable collection of neighborhood bars. However, alternatives like breweries and cocktail bars have a strong presence as well.


What will I see? Family friendly & non-alcoholic activities:

Midtown is constantly evolving with a wide array of shops and restaurants steadily opening up. Blink and you might miss something here. It is for this reason, mixed with the constant people traffic, that Midtown is a great place to have your ride on The Michigan Pedaler.

  • Most notably, Midtown is home to Wayne State University. Although we don’t travel as far as the center of campus, we still manage to see a lot of campus buildings. The newest is the Mike Illitch School of Business, located on Woodward Avenue.

  • Next door to that is Little Caesars Arena, home of the Red Wings and Pistons. These two buildings act as the gateway to Midtown from Downtown.

  • The Masonic Temple is another notable landmark in Midtown. If you can think of it, The Masonic has probably hosted it. From sporting events (it is the home to the Detroit Handball Club), to concerts, to weddings, to Ted Talks, it has an impressive resume of hosting. Not to mention it’s beauty on the outside!

  • If you haven’t picked up by now, we love talking sweets on The Michigan Pedaler. In Midtown, you’ve got Treat Dreams and -320 Degrees Coffee & Creamery, located in The Detroit Shipping Company.

  • Speaking of The Detroit Shipping Company, this is a popular stop for all ages not just because of the ice cream shop inside, but because they feature a very modern style of food court, where you can get a niche bite to eat. With two full bars and a huge outdoor area, an art gallery and often live entertainment, this is a popular stop for any crowd.

  • Sift through the shops in Midtown that include Shinola, Third Man Records, City Bird, Nora Detroit, or Peacock Room, to name a handful.

What bars will I visit?

Midtown has a wide variety of bars. From establishments ready to host big groups to neighborhood dive bars, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Midtown.

Book Today and Get Rolling!

Although Downtown is our most popular destination, each pocket of the city offers something unique. If not evident in their restaurants and bars, it is extremely noticeable in the atmosphere of the neighborhood. We hope that you come back to explore all three of these options and we are certain you’d enjoy yourself, no matter the reason you are getting together on The Michigan Pedaler.

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